What Dresses Should Women Golfers Wear

There is no doubt that golf is one of the most popular games across the world. It also attracts some of the best women talents. There is big money to be made and of course, fame and prestige also come along with it. However, when it comes to women’s golf dresses there are quite a few things which one must bear in mind. Many golf courses have a strict dress code. On the other hand, there are a few courses which are not very specific about the dress codes. But that this does not mean that you could walk in with any type of dresses. Shirts and service attires are not allowed. You also need to bear in mind that strictness of dress codes would depend on various policies and they could vary from one golf course to another. A good way to find out more about the dress code is to understand the rates which they charge for participating in such courses. The higher the fee, the more is the likelihood of having a dress code for the lady golfers.

Some Commonly Accepted Dress Codes

On a general note, collared shirt and shorts of Dockers-style and even slack are enough to see you through in most golf courses. There are a few courses where you are also permitted to wear white golf skirt. There are a few low-priced golf courses which also permit blue jeans and denim jeans. But when you choose an upscale course you would be asked to wear only collared shirts and they also have a strict no-denim rule. There are a few courses where short trousers are not allowed. They permit only golf slacks. However, this should not drive you away from this sport. If you love to wear a casual short denim bottom, you will certainly be able to identify a few. All that is required is a bit of research and information gathering.

Times Could Be Changing

It would also be pertinent to note that times could be changing and along with it, the dress codes for women golfers could also change. There are a few upscale golf courses that are experimenting with a more relaxed dress code. This is being done to attract a larger section of women golfers. This is of course driven by business considerations. In such golf courses, there is a tendency to break away from the past and do away with rigid dress codes.

How To Know If A Golf Course Has A Dress Code?

It is important for you as a woman golfer to know whether the golf course or tournament has a specific dress code. This should not be a big challenge. Visiting their website or going through their playing terms and conditions should help you to get the answer to the above question. Further, the kind of fees which the golf tournament organizers charge could also have answers to this question. It has generally been found that golf tournaments which are highly priced in terms of fees are more likely to be rigid about their dress codes for women golfers.Mostly like womens sleeveless golf shirts. However, this alone cannot be taken as the gospel truth and there are quite a few other things which also should be taken into account

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