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“Luxury” is a subjective term; one man’s luxury is another’s necessity. When searching for a new place to live, you will find a wide variation to the term “luxury apartments”. To ensure you get what you need and want, you’ll need to make a list of your must haves in an apartment and take into consideration the area and your budget. You will also want to determine if it will be better to rent an apartment or to buy one, if that is an option. Whether you rent or buy remember the first rule of real estate: location, location, location.

Even though they may share the same square footage, a brownstone apartment in Manhattan is clearly different from a loft in Nashville or a trendy duplex in Denver. A luxury living space in Manhattan might include concierge service while luxury in Nashville might be close to nightlife and luxury in Denver might mean a view of the Rocky Mountains. Luxury can certainly be dictated by location, and by price. A 1000 square foot brownstone may cost you $7250.00 a month in Manhattan, or you could pay $1650.00 for the place in Nashville or even $1800 a month for a duplex in Denver. However, to the average renter, luxury could mean stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a washer and dryer in the apartment. Extravagance could be deemed by some to be a Roman tub, while others might consider a view of the ocean the epitome of luxury. While not all renters are alike, neither are all luxury apartments.  Knowing what you want and where you want it determines your version of luxury.

For some renters, a luxury apartments Oklahoma City OK will feature special amenities. Across the country, there are apartments who tout sport courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, pet areas, gardens, playgrounds, walking trails, full service gyms, recreational clubhouses and whirlpool spas as their unique luxury amenities. Small items, like ceiling fans are more important to renters in Phoenix than to those in Minneapolis, and vice versa may be true about a fireplace!  Special indoor parking, covered parking or a designated parking space can be a convenience that is advertised by certain apartments, depending upon location. If you live in an area that relies heavily on public transportation, this amenity may not seem valuable to you. And if you are an animal lover, you may want to locate an apartment that allows—and even has amenities for—your furry little friend. In various parts of the country, finding a place that takes certain animals can be considered an “extra”. Don’t discount storage, either; many luxury apartments advertise additional space for you to keep oversized or unconventional items as an apartment “enhancement”.

There are a few across-the-board standards that are generally associated with Nichols Hills luxury apartments, regardless of their location on the map. Luxury apartments are generally new, built within the past five to seven years. An older apartment that has been completely refurbished can be promoted as luxury if it has been completely remodeled, all the way down to the baseboards. Often a fixture in high-rise, expensive apartment buildings is a concierge, one who assists the residents with various tasks, or a doorman, who greets residents and guests, opens the door and can arrange for transportation. You will find concierge and doormen from L.A. to New York, but mainly in the larger cities.

Another usual aspect of luxury accommodations:  larger rooms. You may have fewer rooms, but the rooms associated with a higher end apartment will boast bigger living space. Walk-in closets are amenities that everyone wants; everyone has “stuff” they want to tuck away and larger closets are important for a pricey place. They will also feature lots of windows, or larger windows to let in natural light. Light makes even a smaller apartment look and feel more spacious, so luxury residences generally feature an abundance of windows. If there is a view, as well, this is an added bonus to having extra windows. Often in higher-end apartments, the windows themselves are dual paned or host new window coverings as an added highlight.

With technology as a staple in most peoples’ lives, finding an apartment with state-of-the-art wiring and internet capabilities is a convenience that is showcased in may upscale apartments. You may find a beautiful place in a location you love, but if you cannot connect to internet, especially if you work from home, your new abode may lose its appeal quickly. Another must-have in a luxury apartment in  NW OKC is central air conditioning. In the south and southwest, air conditioning is a staple; however, a place offering air conditioning, even if you may not even use it, is an extravagance worth having if you ever need it.

Expensive apartment living means well-manicured and maintained surrounding property, offering a gated entry or upgraded security elements. Paying more to ensure you are protected and secure is well worth the extra cost, and an upscale neighborhood or grounds only adds to that secure feeling.

If you decide to purchase your apartment as opposed to renting it, keep in mind that location is going to be a primary asset when you decide to sell. An apartment close to shopping, entertainment, and public transportation will always demand interest. You will also want to know—before your purchase—if there are any restrictions on renovations. You may fall in love with a place but are unable to change its layout or footprint because it is a historical property or because you are not allowed to build higher due to permit restraints which may limit you when you move. Don’t underestimate the curb appeal aspect to your apartment; no one wants to pay higher prices for a place that does not look maintained or even old. And if your new place happens to be in the city, a green or outdoor space, even if it Is just a balcony, can add a lot of appeal to an apartment. Garden apartments, on the first floor, can feature a beautiful outdoor courtyard, and a high rise with an outdoor space offers fresh air and a view. These charming traits create “character” in a luxury living space, and have a natural appeal, making them easier to sell down the road.

Luxury, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Finding a place that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and offers conveniences and aesthetic features that you want is what determines if an apartment has a luxury appeal.

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