Filling the Gap, Turning the Tide?

A very unusual time for UK Manufacturing, without any doubt the Automotive Sector is, to coin a phrase ?making hay, while the sun shines? at the moment, it?s really encouraging to hear that the UK economy is making such a positive impression and leading the way at a time when our Continental counterparts are seem to be looking around for any type of guiding light.

But it?s not all about Automotive, true many first and second tier manufacturers in our Region are expanding back to pre-downturn levels of performance, if not in some cases, growing much larger thanks to the Rise and Rise of the Great British Auto Sector. Rical Multiforms a division of The Midlands based Rical Group and based in Cradley Heath, the heart of the Black Country is seeing a returning need for mid to high volume components not just in the Automotive sector but in the much more historically volatile sector of Building and Construction along with Electrical Sectors.

Rical Multiforms specialize in Multislide and Bihler component manufacture of pressings and wire forms in what has always been a very competitive market, with buyers constantly bench marking, moving to ?emerging? economies and looking for fast, immediate, cost effective bulk, sometimes spot buys in a Sector that has seen terrible peaks and troughs over the last ten years or so.

Multiforms is now filling the gap, as overseas customers along with strengthening UK OEM?s are looking to utilise the Multislide and Bihler method of manufacture which for its wide variety of applications offer a very competitive edge against the expensive tooling option of Progression and Transfer methods of production used by manufactures in the UK during the difficult times of the downturn and as a result of ?off shoring? they had to struggle to self-finance projects as away of enticing that, at the time very illusive Sale.

Now this is no triumphant announcement that the Building and Construction sectors are breaking all-time records, it is though perhaps that UK manufacturing companies like Rical Multiforms are again starting to see more of the market share of Supply as industry ?Globally? see?s advantage in manufacturing its Brackets, Clips and wire products with the Multislide and Bihler processes that the UK can offer?Manufacturer of metal pressings and wireforms

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