Custom Screen Printing

Looking for inexpensive but meaningful advertising for your business, school, club or event? Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing in OKC is the answer! Not only can you advertise your logo, slogan, school or business name on a variety of items, but it is easy way to get your information noticed! Why pay thousands of dollars to advertise online, on television or on radio when a t-shirt campaign must just do the trick? Granted, the audience might be smaller, but by custom screen printing your name or logo on apparel, you can be a walking advertisement for your brand!screen-printing

Custom screen printing is a printing process where a mesh screen is stretched over a moveable frame. Part of the screen is blocked off; the open part is where the ink is transferred and it forms letters, or pictures onto a fabric of some sort. The mesh screen is placed on top of the fabric or material and the ink is placed onto the screen. The ink is pushed through the screen with a fill bar, one that evenly spreads the ink onto the material. This quick and easy process can be used to create t-shirts, jackets, bags—virtually anything you would want to put a stamp on! The ease of the process and the ability to create unique and inexpensive marketing products are two reasons custom screen printing are so popular!

Custom screen printing is an efficient way to take your unique message and make as many—or as few—shirts, uniforms, jackets as you would like. Almost anything can have custom screen printing, but the most popular item is the t-shirt. While it is more cost effective to make your product in bulk, you can decide to just make one shirt if that serves your purpose, which makes custom screen printing a flexible choice for advertising. Screen printing is also a fast way to add your customization to your material because the ink dries very quickly and the ink lasts through varied weather and multiple washings.

You can choose to use more than one color on your products, as well. The more ink, however, the more expensive your finished product. Also, with more color, there is more room for mistakes. The complexity of your design and the type of material you intend to print it on will determine your cost. You can submit your own artwork, or you can have the screen print designer make customized artwork for you, if they offer that option. You will want to confirm that your artwork will be returned or if it can be reused by the screen print designer. Your screen printer may need the logo in a particular format; you will want to check with whomever you hire. Make sure you discuss the number of items you will need, the type of item, whether you need polo shirts, t-shirts, or sweatshirts, for example. You will also want to discuss the number of colors you will need and if it will be both the front and the back of the shirt. You may need to pay for shipping and handling; you will want to make sure you ask those questions before you place an order. If you need to rush your order, you can expect to pay a premium!

Finding someone to print your t-shirts can be a relatively simple process; there are many custom screen printers. However, finding someone who has used their services previously and had a good experience is the best way to select your screen printer. You can always check online to see the kind of feedback each company has received—their turnaround time, their shipping policies, and of course, their quality of product. You may be tempted to just go with whomever can print your shirts the cheapest; remember that the final product will be a representation of your event, school or company, so make sure quality is the most important factor in your choice. You want your apparel to be noticed and remembered for its impact and statement.

If you’re looking to start your own business, a custom screen printing shop can be a lucrative venture. It is relatively easy to set up and maintain, and the start-up costs are minimal. The key is to have an exceptional marketing plan to separate your business from all the others, and to ensure your product is delivered on time, and has exceptional quality. Word of mouth advertising will help a small start-up business, so start with small projects to help establish your business. You can always target particular groups to get started—maybe a small club or someone having an upcoming event—and then use them as contacts for future projects. Also, making a list of everyone you know and potential marketing ideas to help you start your business can help you tap potential clients. If you are involved in a specific sport or social club, that might be the best place to start! Finding a target market and providing a niche service can be just what you need to make your custom screen printing business successful, however, you don’t want to become too specialized, in case you are ever looking to expand your business. You can benefit from the small screen printing jobs that larger companies don’t want to produce. You can set up your business at home, if it is convenient, and work from there; it is not necessary to have a huge workspace. Your overhead costs are minimal, but to offer a truly professional product, you will want to invest in several products that will make your job easier, like a conveyor dryer and power washer for your screens. You won’t have to worry about providing the actual inventory of materials; oftentimes, the client will provide their own t-shirts for you to print on. You can also establish a relationship with a local distributor to obtain blank materials in case your client doesn’t have the materials they need for the project.

Custom screen printing is a popular marketing tool that can be used for a variety of projects, from small to large. Whether you are in the market for a few t-shirts, or need a huge project completed, screen printing is a viable, affordable option. If you are considering starting a custom screen printing business, there is money to be made, especially if you can market your business properly, and you effectively research the startup costs and upkeep.


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