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A Shift from Homes to Luxury Apartments and Current Trends

As the world around us gets smaller and smaller through social media and the World Wide Web, we’re aspiring to live the picture perfect lifestyle. The expanse in material good and extravagant living is constantly increasing and why shouldn’t it? Wanting to live a life of comfort and happiness is everyone’s dream. While people look for their dream homes, and farms, and cottages, current trends show that there a lot are moving towards preferring luxury apartments in Okc.

Dual income couples are choosing a luxury apartment living over owning a house. Developers have responded to this boom in apartment living by constructing more than 250,000 apartment projects in 2015 alone. And as people choose luxurious projects, graphs show that three of every four new apartment building projects are luxury designs and aimed at renters who are willing to pay that kind of money for an apartment. Trends show that Ultra-luxury and luxury construction experienced a rise of 63% from 2012.

Even less dense cities have started making space for rich renters and projects that the median income households cannot afford. Data from early 2016 on the construction and sell-out of luxury apartments suggests that the market for these kinds of projects is not slowing down at all. Out of all the projects that were finalized, it was seen that over 77% of it was under the luxury category.

According to Rent Café, there was a huge increase all over the United States of the percentage of Oklahoma City Luxury Apartments built in 2015. This happened not only in big cities. The highest percent was seen in the South-west and mid Atlantic at 88%, following the South and Southeast at 78% and only a percent’s difference in Western USA at 77% followed by the Midwest at 73%. California and Northeast US saw a 65% rise and the Pacific Northwest saw a 61% increase in luxury apartment buildings.

One of the reasons for this boom in the amount of luxury apartments is that a lot of double income millennial households and retirees are opting to rent a good apartment instead of owning a house even if they could afford owning a house. The ones who choose to live in these apartments are usually attracted to that kind of up-scale lifestyle where everything is easily accessible and close to all kinds of amenities. This includes having a swanky fitness centers, services of a concierge, elaborate decks, and an easy access to high end restraints and shops.

One more reason for these luxury apartments to be appealing to the millennials is because of the difficulty in owning a house these days due to higher credit requirements, no down-payment, and or debts such as that of a student loan.  While this trend rises and doesn’t seem to have an end, renting an apartment for those with a median income be it individuals or couples, is becoming more and more difficult since developers are not producing affordable living apartments and developing the quintessential starter home is becoming difficult to produce.

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Why Choose Massachusetts College Of Art

 For those who have a liking for art and design, there are reasons to believe that Massachusetts College Of Art and Design could be the right choice. It is one of the foremost and well-known college for art and design perhaps in the world and of course in the country. It offers some of the most professional graduate programs and helps them to prepare for a career in the field of art, designing, the educational field in the area of art and much more. It is a national leader in visual art and design and is one of the oldest colleges in the country. It was set up in the year 1874 and has grown from strength to strength over the past century and more. The college has been able to influence positively the contemporary culture because of various reasons and has some of the most amazing alumni of students to its credit. It also boasts of a staff that is highly dedicated and it has been so for the past many decades and perhaps ever since the inception.

The Reasons For Its Growth

There are many reasons for its growth and we will look at some of the shared values as far as this art college is concerned. It offers art as a means by which it could become a life-enhancing force. It is a college which has always believed in recognizing the power of art and believes that it could impact various spheres and aspects of life. It also is the only publicly supported and freestanding college in the United States which caters to the various aspects of visual arts. It has always believed in academic excellence and therefore takes all efforts to ensure that the most professional forms of education are offered by it to student across the board.

It Represents Multiplicity In Culture

It is well and truly a college which walks the talk as far as equality of culture and creed is concerned. Hence, it is not surprising that this college has students from across the various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. film classes in new England is  the Asian subcontinent, African American students, Native American students, Hispanic group of students, black students from the country and of course white American students from various strata of society.

The Best Of Faculty

It would also be pertinent to mention that the college boasts of the best of faculty covering various areas and fields of visual arts. They are without any doubt grounded in liberal teaching and they also believe in encouraging the individual creativity of the students. The curriculum and the teaching methods are designed in such a way that it challenges the students to develop their inherent talents to the highest levels. The college also takes an effort to question the status quo and also helps students to move beyond traditional disciplines and boundaries.

When all the above factors are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that this is one of the best art colleges when one looks at it from a number of perspectives. It could be with regard to the actual size of the college, the number of courses it offers, the teaching methodology, the diverse breakup of students from various cultures and background apart from many other attributes.

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Luxury Apartment Amenities

“Luxury” is a subjective term; one man’s luxury is another’s necessity. When searching for a new place to live, you will find a wide variation to the term “luxury apartments”. To ensure you get what you need and want, you’ll need to make a list of your must haves in an apartment and take into consideration the area and your budget. You will also want to determine if it will be better to rent an apartment or to buy one, if that is an option. Whether you rent or buy remember the first rule of real estate: location, location, location.

Even though they may share the same square footage, a brownstone apartment in Manhattan is clearly different from a loft in Nashville or a trendy duplex in Denver. A luxury living space in Manhattan might include concierge service while luxury in Nashville might be close to nightlife and luxury in Denver might mean a view of the Rocky Mountains. Luxury can certainly be dictated by location, and by price. A 1000 square foot brownstone may cost you $7250.00 a month in Manhattan, or you could pay $1650.00 for the place in Nashville or even $1800 a month for a duplex in Denver. However, to the average renter, luxury could mean stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a washer and dryer in the apartment. Extravagance could be deemed by some to be a Roman tub, while others might consider a view of the ocean the epitome of luxury. While not all renters are alike, neither are all luxury apartments.  Knowing what you want and where you want it determines your version of luxury.

For some renters, a luxury apartments Oklahoma City OK will feature special amenities. Across the country, there are apartments who tout sport courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, pet areas, gardens, playgrounds, walking trails, full service gyms, recreational clubhouses and whirlpool spas as their unique luxury amenities. Small items, like ceiling fans are more important to renters in Phoenix than to those in Minneapolis, and vice versa may be true about a fireplace!  Special indoor parking, covered parking or a designated parking space can be a convenience that is advertised by certain apartments, depending upon location. If you live in an area that relies heavily on public transportation, this amenity may not seem valuable to you. And if you are an animal lover, you may want to locate an apartment that allows—and even has amenities for—your furry little friend. In various parts of the country, finding a place that takes certain animals can be considered an “extra”. Don’t discount storage, either; many luxury apartments advertise additional space for you to keep oversized or unconventional items as an apartment “enhancement”.

There are a few across-the-board standards that are generally associated with Nichols Hills luxury apartments, regardless of their location on the map. Luxury apartments are generally new, built within the past five to seven years. An older apartment that has been completely refurbished can be promoted as luxury if it has been completely remodeled, all the way down to the baseboards. Often a fixture in high-rise, expensive apartment buildings is a concierge, one who assists the residents with various tasks, or a doorman, who greets residents and guests, opens the door and can arrange for transportation. You will find concierge and doormen from L.A. to New York, but mainly in the larger cities.

Another usual aspect of luxury accommodations:  larger rooms. You may have fewer rooms, but the rooms associated with a higher end apartment will boast bigger living space. Walk-in closets are amenities that everyone wants; everyone has “stuff” they want to tuck away and larger closets are important for a pricey place. They will also feature lots of windows, or larger windows to let in natural light. Light makes even a smaller apartment look and feel more spacious, so luxury residences generally feature an abundance of windows. If there is a view, as well, this is an added bonus to having extra windows. Often in higher-end apartments, the windows themselves are dual paned or host new window coverings as an added highlight.

With technology as a staple in most peoples’ lives, finding an apartment with state-of-the-art wiring and internet capabilities is a convenience that is showcased in may upscale apartments. You may find a beautiful place in a location you love, but if you cannot connect to internet, especially if you work from home, your new abode may lose its appeal quickly. Another must-have in a luxury apartment in  NW OKC is central air conditioning. In the south and southwest, air conditioning is a staple; however, a place offering air conditioning, even if you may not even use it, is an extravagance worth having if you ever need it.

Expensive apartment living means well-manicured and maintained surrounding property, offering a gated entry or upgraded security elements. Paying more to ensure you are protected and secure is well worth the extra cost, and an upscale neighborhood or grounds only adds to that secure feeling.

If you decide to purchase your apartment as opposed to renting it, keep in mind that location is going to be a primary asset when you decide to sell. An apartment close to shopping, entertainment, and public transportation will always demand interest. You will also want to know—before your purchase—if there are any restrictions on renovations. You may fall in love with a place but are unable to change its layout or footprint because it is a historical property or because you are not allowed to build higher due to permit restraints which may limit you when you move. Don’t underestimate the curb appeal aspect to your apartment; no one wants to pay higher prices for a place that does not look maintained or even old. And if your new place happens to be in the city, a green or outdoor space, even if it Is just a balcony, can add a lot of appeal to an apartment. Garden apartments, on the first floor, can feature a beautiful outdoor courtyard, and a high rise with an outdoor space offers fresh air and a view. These charming traits create “character” in a luxury living space, and have a natural appeal, making them easier to sell down the road.

Luxury, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Finding a place that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and offers conveniences and aesthetic features that you want is what determines if an apartment has a luxury appeal.

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Finding A Board Certified Chiropractor

When you’re in pain, you immediately think of seeing your medical doctor for relief. However, a chiropractor might be able to assist you by using a holistic approach to alleviating your nagging pains. While you may associate chiropractors with just back adjustments, they are skilled in helping with a variety of ailments. Chiropractors are responsible for helping people feel better, so it is important that you make sure the doctor you choose is board certified.

In Oklahoma, finding a board certified chiropractor is as easy as going online. A list of licensed and disciplined chiropractic doctors is available on the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners website. While you are able to determine a doctor’s certifications and education online, you won’t be able to ascertain his or her bedside manner, which is equally as important as the medical standings. Gathering referrals from friends and family is often a good place to start, as is reviewing the doctor’s information on the internet. Read through the doctor’s website and then also read online reviews. Google the doctor’s name to see if any disciplinary actions have been taken. Once you are able to narrow down a qualified board certified chiropractor near you, it is smart to schedule an initial consultation to meet with the doctor. You are able to meet with the doctor and ask questions to make sure he or she can provide you with the type of care you need. Most people wait until they need a doctor to find one; it is best to be proactive and find your doctor beforehand, so you don’t have to settle for someone you don’t feel comfortable seeing. By searching out a qualified, board certified chiropractor before you actually need one, you will save yourself time and headaches later on. You will also want to know if the chiropractor can work with your regular physician, if necessary, and any other services they offer in addition to regular chiropractic care, like dietary management or even acupuncture.chiropractic-care

In an age where many people jump to medication and surgery to alleviate their pain, many others are turning to chiropractic care as a drug free and surgery free alternative. While you may be convinced that chiropractic care is strictly for back pain, it is good for treating a variety of other problems as well, including headaches, and joint pain by utilizing spine manipulation, massage therapy, and other techniques. There are specific ailments, too, that can be treated by a chiropractor that you normally would not associate with chiropractic care, like infant colic, stress reduction, pre-menstrual symptoms, and even high blood pressure. It’s been used for everything from promoting better sleep, to allergy relief to alleviating pregnancy discomfort. A skilled, board certified chiropractor can work with you to eradicate your pain.
Communication with your chiropractor is key to your good health. If you are experiencing something in particular, sharing this with your doctor is the best way for he or she to devise a plan to your care. Even if you have a simple ailment, telling your chiropractor this information is to your benefit; it may be an indicator of a larger problem. A board certified chiropractor will want to treat you comprehensively and answer any questions you may have.

In order to best serve their clients, chiropractors have to achieve a chiropractic degree and then pass board exams in order to practice their profession. Chiropractors can only practice in the state in which they are licensed, and they must pass the test administered by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Once the doctor has passed the state board exam, they must also undergo a criminal background check and to maintain the chiropractic license, the doctor must earn continuing education credits. This means the doctor has received the most up-to-date techniques. A chiropractic doctor can also earn a post-doctoral diplomate certification in certain specialties including pediatric care, acupuncture, spinal trauma, and even veterinary chiropractic care. Having a board certified chiropractor who has the expertise to handle your particular situation is a plus, as well.

So why is board certification so important? In addition to acquiring a degree, to become board certified, the physician has to spend several years being supervised while in practice. The doctor has to also pass a written test to determine medical knowledge and overall judgment. Once a chiropractor has become board certified, he or she has to continue with education and then become re-certified every few years. This helps keep the doctor up to date with the latest advancements in chiropractic care. This also shows that the doctor is committed to learning new aspects of chiropractic care, and is willing to be assessed by others, as well as undergo self-assessment, including a patient safety self- assessment program. Oftentimes, a chiropractor will ask patients to complete a survey regarding their care to see which areas the doctor needs to improve. A doctor who is willing to undergo the rigors of acquiring board certification is dedicated to providing excellent care for his or her patients, just as a teacher works towards higher degrees to expand their knowledge of a subject.

Finding an Oklahoma chiropractor in Owasso who is board certified will give you peace of mind. No doubt you have read stories about people impersonating doctors—sometimes, for years, –before they are found out and held accountable. While this may seem like a plot out of a novel, there are people who pretend to have medical credentials and attempt to pass themselves off as professional caregivers. As an informed consumer, it is imperative that you check out your doctor in advance to ensure you are receiving proper care. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Oklahoma, you will need to confirm your doctor medical credentials, which includes being board certified. If a chiropractor has had an infraction, or several, his or her license may not be in good standing. It is worth your time and effort to verify board membership to make sure you are receiving the best possible care.

Custom Screen Printing

Looking for inexpensive but meaningful advertising for your business, school, club or event? Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing in OKC is the answer! Not only can you advertise your logo, slogan, school or business name on a variety of items, but it is easy way to get your information noticed! Why pay thousands of dollars to advertise online, on television or on radio when a t-shirt campaign must just do the trick? Granted, the audience might be smaller, but by custom screen printing your name or logo on apparel, you can be a walking advertisement for your brand!screen-printing

Custom screen printing is a printing process where a mesh screen is stretched over a moveable frame. Part of the screen is blocked off; the open part is where the ink is transferred and it forms letters, or pictures onto a fabric of some sort. The mesh screen is placed on top of the fabric or material and the ink is placed onto the screen. The ink is pushed through the screen with a fill bar, one that evenly spreads the ink onto the material. This quick and easy process can be used to create t-shirts, jackets, bags—virtually anything you would want to put a stamp on! The ease of the process and the ability to create unique and inexpensive marketing products are two reasons custom screen printing are so popular!

Custom screen printing is an efficient way to take your unique message and make as many—or as few—shirts, uniforms, jackets as you would like. Almost anything can have custom screen printing, but the most popular item is the t-shirt. While it is more cost effective to make your product in bulk, you can decide to just make one shirt if that serves your purpose, which makes custom screen printing a flexible choice for advertising. Screen printing is also a fast way to add your customization to your material because the ink dries very quickly and the ink lasts through varied weather and multiple washings.

You can choose to use more than one color on your products, as well. The more ink, however, the more expensive your finished product. Also, with more color, there is more room for mistakes. The complexity of your design and the type of material you intend to print it on will determine your cost. You can submit your own artwork, or you can have the screen print designer make customized artwork for you, if they offer that option. You will want to confirm that your artwork will be returned or if it can be reused by the screen print designer. Your screen printer may need the logo in a particular format; you will want to check with whomever you hire. Make sure you discuss the number of items you will need, the type of item, whether you need polo shirts, t-shirts, or sweatshirts, for example. You will also want to discuss the number of colors you will need and if it will be both the front and the back of the shirt. You may need to pay for shipping and handling; you will want to make sure you ask those questions before you place an order. If you need to rush your order, you can expect to pay a premium!

Finding someone to print your t-shirts can be a relatively simple process; there are many custom screen printers. However, finding someone who has used their services previously and had a good experience is the best way to select your screen printer. You can always check online to see the kind of feedback each company has received—their turnaround time, their shipping policies, and of course, their quality of product. You may be tempted to just go with whomever can print your shirts the cheapest; remember that the final product will be a representation of your event, school or company, so make sure quality is the most important factor in your choice. You want your apparel to be noticed and remembered for its impact and statement.

If you’re looking to start your own business, a custom screen printing shop can be a lucrative venture. It is relatively easy to set up and maintain, and the start-up costs are minimal. The key is to have an exceptional marketing plan to separate your business from all the others, and to ensure your product is delivered on time, and has exceptional quality. Word of mouth advertising will help a small start-up business, so start with small projects to help establish your business. You can always target particular groups to get started—maybe a small club or someone having an upcoming event—and then use them as contacts for future projects. Also, making a list of everyone you know and potential marketing ideas to help you start your business can help you tap potential clients. If you are involved in a specific sport or social club, that might be the best place to start! Finding a target market and providing a niche service can be just what you need to make your custom screen printing business successful, however, you don’t want to become too specialized, in case you are ever looking to expand your business. You can benefit from the small screen printing jobs that larger companies don’t want to produce. You can set up your business at home, if it is convenient, and work from there; it is not necessary to have a huge workspace. Your overhead costs are minimal, but to offer a truly professional product, you will want to invest in several products that will make your job easier, like a conveyor dryer and power washer for your screens. You won’t have to worry about providing the actual inventory of materials; oftentimes, the client will provide their own t-shirts for you to print on. You can also establish a relationship with a local distributor to obtain blank materials in case your client doesn’t have the materials they need for the project.

Custom screen printing is a popular marketing tool that can be used for a variety of projects, from small to large. Whether you are in the market for a few t-shirts, or need a huge project completed, screen printing is a viable, affordable option. If you are considering starting a custom screen printing business, there is money to be made, especially if you can market your business properly, and you effectively research the startup costs and upkeep.


Why You Need a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Having a cosmetic surgery procedure is a very important, life-changing decision. Depending upon what you want to change—and why—are factors in determining where you should have your surgery and with whom. It’s easy to get caught up in the first presentation you see from a charismatic plastic surgeon, but your decision to go under the knife should be based on facts, not fanfare. Finding a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon is the place to start.

plastic surgery

There are those fortunate people who can afford to fly wherever they need to have their surgery, but that is not the majority of us. While the top doctor may be in New York or Chicago, if you are in Oklahoma, getting to that doctor might be a challenge. There are, however, thousands of qualified plastic surgeons all across the United States; doing your homework is the first step to finding one.

You can enlist the help of friends and family, if you are willing to share your surgery plans with them. A solid recommendation from someone you trust is a good jumping off point; you can see the work up close and personal. Plus, your loved one can give you tips on what to anticipate with this particular doctor. Find out if this doctor specializes in the type of surgery you would like to have; if you want a nose job and your doctor specializes in breast augmentation, it might not be the best pairing. Also, conduct a thorough investigation online. See if the doctor has a good following, and confirm that he or she is board certified. Being board certified in plastic surgery is the key; a doctor can be a board certified ear, nose and throat doctor for all you know! Being a board certified plastic surgeon means this doctor is accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only recognized board for plastic surgery! In addition to an oral and written examination, doctors are required to have six years of surgical training, three of which has to be in plastic surgery. Doctors can claim to be “plastic surgeons” even if they do not pass the training, so make sure your doctor has the credentials to back up his or her claims.

Online, you can investigate a doctor’s standing and certifications at Once you have solidified his or her qualifications, you can schedule an appointment. Make sure to bring a list of questions prepared in advance and insist on seeing some before and after photographs of previous patients. You will want to ask about any hospital or clinic affiliations, since board certified plastic surgeons must operate only in accredited facilities. They are also required to maintain continuing education to kept apprised of the newest advancements in their particular field, so these are good questions to ask. Additionally, a doctor’s education and background might be topics of discussion. You will want to be assured that your doctor has the necessary training in the particular surgery you would like to have. While it is not necessary for the doctor to have graduated from a big named college, it can’t hurt. Remember, currently anyone with a medical degree can perform plastic surgery, but you will want a qualified specialist to perform yours.

A few other issues to consider: how is your rapport with your doctor? You will want to feel extremely comfortable asking questions of your doctor and feel like he or she is not rushing you or making you feel like a number. Electing to have plastic surgery is a very personal choice; you want to have a doctor who understands and is supportive of your goals. You will also want to make sure that your doctor has had successful results performing the plastic surgery you desire. A “personal touch” and ample communication can go a long way. While there are never any guarantees that you will achieve the results you desire, you can at least gauge whether or not your doctor has had previous success.

You may have heard stories about famous people who have had several plastic surgeries in the same day, even when the surgeries seem unnecessary and egregious. You may wonder – why did this doctor agree to complete multiple surgeries? More often, the answer is money, and possibly prestige. The doctor may want to add a celebrity to his or her list of clients to help entice others into their offices. You want to make sure that a doctor is going to be honest with you, not just take your money. If a doctor feels like you would not benefit from a particular surgery or you are not a candidate for some reason, it is better to know than have a procedure that does not meet your satisfaction. Opt for a doctor who has minimalist views; you don’t want to emerge from your surgery looking “overdone”. Be open to your doctor’s observations and suggestions because you may believe you need a particular procedure; your doctor’s experience may dictate a more appropriate surgery or even a non-invasive procedure.

Once you have found your board certified plastic surgeons in OKC and you have figured out the procedure you want, your desired outcome and even figured out the financing, remember to have realistic expectations. Plastic surgery will not solve your problems and you will not emerge looking like a movie star: you will look like an enhanced version of yourself. It is important to discuss the reasons you want the surgery with your doctor and to be honest. There are people who are not viable candidates for surgery based on their expectations or due to health concerns. Tell your doctor everything; not disclosing a medication or an ailment could potentially put you in harm’s way. Make sure to ask about any possible side effects or hazards associated with your procedure so you can assess the risks involved.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery can help to answer any general questions you may have and may even better prepare you for your initial meeting with your doctor. With the proper research and preparation, your plastic surgery can be a major success!

Quality Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana has always been big business, but with the legalization of marijuana in several states and the use of medicinal pot on the rise, it is now a bigger business than ever before. Now that pot has lost a lot of its stigma in various states, many choose to grow their own marijuana at home for personal use. If you live in a state where marijuana is legalized and you decide to grow your own, where can you get seeds and how can you be sure that the seeds you obtain are quality?

Growing your own is an economical way to ensure that your marijuana is to your liking, since there are so many different strains. However, if you are a novice grower, you can run into problems, and it might discourage you into giving up. It could be as simple as finding the most suitable seeds and learning how they grow, in which soils and at which rate. Some seed strains are more resilient than others, others produce better yields than others and there are others that grow quickly. There are many different types of strains available but you want to be sure to pick one that can grow in the climate in which you live.  Research the characteristics of the particular strain and the amount of time you will need to grow the plant. Finding what suits your needs might be the difference in the type you chose to grow and its success rate.

There are four main qualities to look for when selecting marijuana seeds: you will want something that grows quickly, is easy to cultivate, produces large crop amounts and produces high potency cannabis. While you may not be able to locate seeds that provide all these qualities, you will want to investigate what factors are most important to you as a grower. Starting with healthy, viable marijuana seeds is the first place to start.

The first factor, having a kind that grows quickly, will help to reduce the amount of time you will have to devote to its care, which also means you will have the marijuana buds sooner. If you are impatient and just want to get to results, finding a lower quality seed that grows quickly might be just what you need to get started. Once you have experience producing a few batches of quickly grown weed, you may want to move up to a better quality that may take more time to cultivate.

The genetics of the marijuana seeds will determine its ease of cultivation. The better the quality, the easier to tend, and generally, the better the product. The biggest problem with getting the highest grade grass tends to be that since it is not legal in all the states, there is not proper regulation, making it difficult to know if you are buying good seeds. You can’t tell anything about their genetics just by looking at them, which is why buying seeds online from a reputable seed bank is generally the easiest way to obtain them, unless you know a knowledgeable local grower willing to sell you some seeds. A seed bank may also offer some troubleshooting advice to help you grow your plant, while a local grower may not. The seed dealer wants you to be successful; if you are, you are more likely to buy their seeds again. Oftentimes, commercial growers will freeze the seeds, especially growers from colder climates. You won’t be able to tell if the seeds you have received have been frozen, but the likelihood that they will produce healthy plants is greatly reduced. Also, if you purchase seeds that are damaged, are immature or have suffered extreme weather factors, like being frozen, they are less likely to sprout. Old seeds are not particularly productive, either. If you do receive favorable seeds, you can anticipate that every one out of three seeds will actually bear plants. How can you determine if the ones you have invested in are worth their buds in the long run? Look for seeds that are hard and dark brown, or marbled with lighter shades because these are the most mature seeds. Fat, large seeds with a rounded shape are also best for planting. Immature seeds will be smaller and may be light green or white. The younger seeds are protected by an outer barrier that dies and falls off as the seed matures, but you can gently remove this cover. Recognize that once you have started the growing process, it is a time investment. You may not get a viable batch the first time, so you may have to suffer through some trial and error to get it right. Once you have some experience with various strains and several years of successful batches, you may decide to grow both male and female plants. The male plants yield the most seeds; the unfertilized female plants garner the biggest and best crops. If you accidentally mix the two, your product will be a lot smaller and contain a lot of seeds. While this make work for your next batch of plants, it is a complicated process. Novice growers should buy unfertilized feminine seeds to simplify the process. You will, however, only produce feminine plants, and they will yield very few seeds. It makes it much more difficult to duplicate a strain of marijuana, unless you can purchase the same seeds from the same seed bank.

Make sure you store your seeds properly to ensure they germinate. You will want to store them in a cool, dry, dark spot with some rice or silica gel to absorb the moisture. They need to be stored in an air tight container; this will ensure the longevity of the seeds’ growth period. If they are not stored properly, they could become compromised and lose their growth potential.

With any major undertaking, it is imperative to do your research first. The legality issue should be addressed first; growing pot is not legal in many states and in not advised. Once you have determined you are able to grow marijuana seeds in Colorado, you will want to know how many plants you can legally cultivate. Where to grow them and how to maintain them are also key factors but most importantly, you need to know what you want and then to investigate the many strains of marijuana to see what suits your needs. It all starts with the seeds, of course. If you are growing your own, the seeds will make all the difference, so ensure the seed bank from which you make your purchase is a reputable one. Be patient; it may take a few tries to get the perfect pot.

New Industrial Revolution Beckons

A  new industrial revolution could transform traditional manufacturing, says Dr Julie Madigan, Chief Executive of The Manufacturing Institute.

“A  ‘quiet revolution’  involving a move towards ’boutique manufacturing’  is taking place in the UK”, explained  Madigan.  “Manufacturing specialists working in factories no longer have a monopoly on production. Technological developments are empowering people of all ages and from all walks of life to design and make things. ”

The Manufacturing Institute launched the UK’s first Fab Lab (digital fabrication laboratory – dog hospital okc) in Manchester,  in 2010. The concept has blossomed and the Manufacturing Institute is leading the roll-out of Fab Labs across the UK.

“This is  unlocking the ability of ‘garden shed tinkerers’  to move forward and to design and develop sophisticated products”, said Madigan.

Fab Labs promote grassroots innovation – providing an opportunity for almost anyone to design and  make almost anything . There’s a wealth of manufacturing expertise available as well as a wide variety of digital and practical equipment – including 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters and milling machinery.

Madigan added “By making what we need locally – with minimum or no waste – a new model of ’boutique manufacturing’ is emerging.  It’s helped on the way by a new generation of IT literate people who aren’t afraid of having a go at making things for themselves. At a time when there’s broad consensus that the British economy needs to be rebalanced in favour of manufacturing, this revolution and extension of the boundaries of traditional manufacturing couldn’t be taking place at a better time.”

Members of the public have free use of the Fab Lab during open sessions, but the facilities are also aimed at  businesses and entrepreneurs – for the production of  product prototypes and  testing  out ideas. While public users are expected to share their inventions with the global Fab Lab network, businesses can develop  innovations in private and at low cost.

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Social media and Business – Question marks and Twitter

Like many working in the ever advancing worlds of marketing, communications and PR, I find myself too trying to guide myself and clients through a digital world that once didn’t exist. For myself the world of social media began with Myspace and although resistant, in 2010 I took a position which required me to have a personal Facebook page – to use my social network to promote the business. I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the time- yet a year later I would be managing that locations Facebook. Now, I not only use all of these social networks for myself and the company I work for – I also use the behemoth of social media – Twitter. If you, like many, are still struggling to wrap your mind around what Twitter has to offer – you aren’t alone. Like my resistance to Facebook, many businesses have yet to understand the potential of Twitter – and I seem to find – that which we don’t understand – we resist. So here is some simple guidance to kick start or refresh your approach to utilising Twitter as a tool for your business – one step at a time.

To start, let’s outline some simple goals….

1. Build a network

2. Be seen

3. Interact

4. Generate interest

5. Gain leads

6. Supplement already established relationships

7. Increase media publicity

8. Increase SEO

Now that we know our goals – we need to know what is relevant to our business and how this applies to our start on Twitter.

1. Know your market– develop a list of all of your current clients and stakeholders – find them and follow. Feel free to say hello to them when you first follow.

(You want them to follow you back.)

2. The power of the hashtag – Create a list of relevant keywords and hashtags for your business. Hashtags are a simply way to make sure your content is available to users looking to find information on a specific topic. Hashtags can be placed anywhere in a tweet ? at the beginning, middle, or end. They can be used as part of the sentence. Words which are hashtags can become popular and a part of a trending topic. When a hashtag is clicked on, all posts which feature this hashtag will be brought up.

3. Keep it simple, relevant and trending – Two or three hashtags is plenty. Use hashtags that are relevant to a post and use a hashtag that tends to trend.

4. One other thing on popularity – All hashtags started somewhere. People will say that using hashtags that are most popular is the best way to go. However, if you want to create a hashtag – my advice is to own it – and go for it – especially if you believe it will become a relevant keyword to your business in the future – and you will have a jump on it should it become the next big thing.

5. Follow – Look at who your clients/competition are following – anyone in your sector and relevant to your business that you should be aware of? Potential clients? Partners? Peer group organisations?

-Follow them- Observe who they are following. Build a network.

4. Top 10 – This can be a monthly goal. Create a list of the top 10 businesses you really desire to work with. Follow them. (Keep the expectation reasonable but feel free to expand this number to more depending on the scale of your resources.)

Use this as information gathering for your sales team. Is anything you are seeing relevant to your business? Can you supply? Can you advise? Are you working on something that pertains to their business? If see something relevant – comment or retweet. This catches attention and builds your credibility – you show interest and a potential for access to knowledge or skills for them. 

Then look for the angle that would support a conversation (phone call or meeting) between your business and theirs.

Shout out:

Do remember that all businesses appreciate a good word and a bit of promotion – when a client/supplier/lead does something well with you – or you have a fun meeting etc. create a tweet:

‘Fun times [Insert activity] at the #company headquarters.’ #businessactivity (ex: metalpressing) #industry or #location and #theircompany

With clients: Once you have begun following them, it is time to interact. When they post an article – comment. When they share interesting news in relation to your industry – retweet. It’s a quick and easy to show you support them – but also to increase your potential of being seen. Include their twitter handle or hashtag.

6. Don’t forget your friends! – Give credit where credit is do. Include relevant businesses within your own news.

Include @twitterhandle for businesses involved in a post or include their hashtag #businessname if they tend to use that. 

On twitter you will find publications, editors and journalists themselves. Following a publication keeps you current on what that publication has been covering as of late. Following an individual can give you window in which to what their interests are and who might be best to send your press release or article to.

Twitter and the media

Journalists are people too! And they like a bit of attention – don’t we all? Relationships can be nurtured on twitter.

1. List – Make a list of your top 5 publications. You can add more – depending on the resources – time – you have.

2. Follow – Follow both the publication and the editor(s) or journalist(s) that is your point of contact (typically receives your news) at a certain publication.

This gives you insight to the publication easily and can supply you information to use for later.

3. Interact – A week or so before you intend to send a press release: Leave a comment on one of the editor or journalists posts – and consider a retweet. This gets your name or company name to their attention – if even for a moment and a retweet shows a willingness to share their work which is relevant to your network. The age-old – repetition builds reputation.

4. Send em’ the good news – It’s been week a week or a few days, it’s time to send the press release and you have already taken a look at what the publication or journalist has been posting. So feel free to make a note and compliment a piece of work.

Also, feel free to make a note as to how your news relates to what they have been writing about – or how you feel this fits into their interest.

And do mention your comment or retweet of the previous post – and how you enjoyed it.

5. Keep it short and sweet – journalists receive hundred of messages a day.

(TIP: Have the email title of your press release be interesting…exciting…all of this is only good if you get them to open the message!)

6. Don’t forget your media friends! – Retweet if they post something relevant to you.

Include @publicationaccont or @editoraccount in the post or include their hashtag #publicationname if they tend to use that. This shares their work with your network and shows yours that you were published.

Remember, have fun – keep it fresh: Social media is a less formal platform. So show your personality and remember a little humour and photos are always great ways to keep it light and get your message across.


-People love quotes (yes- use your own!), fun facts, trivia, and ‘can you spot’ photos. These are great for retweets.

-Feel free to also ask questions.

Tweet questions you would like answered – OR – tweet common questions you are asked in your business and let your followers know that the answer to that question is one your website and include a direct link.

For more tips and tricks or help with your companies PR – get in touch with Mel at

CDM Regulations – what next?

A major  overhaul of the CDM regulations is anticipated in  2014, but it is unlikely that it will come into force before April 2015, says health and safety compliance expert Altius Vendor Assessment. 

The HSE are planning to hold a three month industry consultation period in 2014, with the following changes expected to be included.

  • – Removal of the CDM Co-ordinator role and bringing the functions into the designer’s remit through a Principal Designer.
  • – Removal of the Approved Code of Practice (L144) and replacing it with a suite of guidance notes.
  • – Removal of the explicit compliance requirements — currently in Appendix 4 of the ACoP.
  • – Removal of the domestic client exemption: a default position would be created whereby duties that would fall onto a domestic client would instead fall to the designer or contractor.

The changes are aimed at simplifying the supporting guidance to make the CDM Regulations easier to understand and easier to comply with.  The intention is to improve standards of worker protection, while improving accessibility for small sites.

The Altius CDM Comply online assessment, priced at £110 for all sizes of company, provides contractors, principal contractors, designers and CDM Coordinators with a CDM 2007 Core Criteria Stage 1 assessment that is SSIP approved.