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Why You Need a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Having a cosmetic surgery procedure is a very important, life-changing decision. Depending upon what you want to change—and why—are factors in determining where you should have your surgery and with whom. It’s easy to get caught up in the first presentation you see from a charismatic plastic surgeon, but your decision to go under the knife should be based on facts, not fanfare. Finding a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon is the place to start.

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There are those fortunate people who can afford to fly wherever they need to have their surgery, but that is not the majority of us. While the top doctor may be in New York or Chicago, if you are in Oklahoma, getting to that doctor might be a challenge. There are, however, thousands of qualified plastic surgeons all across the United States; doing your homework is the first step to finding one.

You can enlist the help of friends and family, if you are willing to share your surgery plans with them. A solid recommendation from someone you trust is a good jumping off point; you can see the work up close and personal. Plus, your loved one can give you tips on what to anticipate with this particular doctor. Find out if this doctor specializes in the type of surgery you would like to have; if you want a nose job and your doctor specializes in breast augmentation, it might not be the best pairing. Also, conduct a thorough investigation online. See if the doctor has a good following, and confirm that he or she is board certified. Being board certified in plastic surgery is the key; a doctor can be a board certified ear, nose and throat doctor for all you know! Being a board certified plastic surgeon means this doctor is accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only recognized board for plastic surgery! In addition to an oral and written examination, doctors are required to have six years of surgical training, three of which has to be in plastic surgery. Doctors can claim to be “plastic surgeons” even if they do not pass the training, so make sure your doctor has the credentials to back up his or her claims.

Online, you can investigate a doctor’s standing and certifications at Once you have solidified his or her qualifications, you can schedule an appointment. Make sure to bring a list of questions prepared in advance and insist on seeing some before and after photographs of previous patients. You will want to ask about any hospital or clinic affiliations, since board certified plastic surgeons must operate only in accredited facilities. They are also required to maintain continuing education to kept apprised of the newest advancements in their particular field, so these are good questions to ask. Additionally, a doctor’s education and background might be topics of discussion. You will want to be assured that your doctor has the necessary training in the particular surgery you would like to have. While it is not necessary for the doctor to have graduated from a big named college, it can’t hurt. Remember, currently anyone with a medical degree can perform plastic surgery, but you will want a qualified specialist to perform yours.

A few other issues to consider: how is your rapport with your doctor? You will want to feel extremely comfortable asking questions of your doctor and feel like he or she is not rushing you or making you feel like a number. Electing to have plastic surgery is a very personal choice; you want to have a doctor who understands and is supportive of your goals. You will also want to make sure that your doctor has had successful results performing the plastic surgery you desire. A “personal touch” and ample communication can go a long way. While there are never any guarantees that you will achieve the results you desire, you can at least gauge whether or not your doctor has had previous success.

You may have heard stories about famous people who have had several plastic surgeries in the same day, even when the surgeries seem unnecessary and egregious. You may wonder – why did this doctor agree to complete multiple surgeries? More often, the answer is money, and possibly prestige. The doctor may want to add a celebrity to his or her list of clients to help entice others into their offices. You want to make sure that a doctor is going to be honest with you, not just take your money. If a doctor feels like you would not benefit from a particular surgery or you are not a candidate for some reason, it is better to know than have a procedure that does not meet your satisfaction. Opt for a doctor who has minimalist views; you don’t want to emerge from your surgery looking “overdone”. Be open to your doctor’s observations and suggestions because you may believe you need a particular procedure; your doctor’s experience may dictate a more appropriate surgery or even a non-invasive procedure.

Once you have found your board certified plastic surgeons in OKC and you have figured out the procedure you want, your desired outcome and even figured out the financing, remember to have realistic expectations. Plastic surgery will not solve your problems and you will not emerge looking like a movie star: you will look like an enhanced version of yourself. It is important to discuss the reasons you want the surgery with your doctor and to be honest. There are people who are not viable candidates for surgery based on their expectations or due to health concerns. Tell your doctor everything; not disclosing a medication or an ailment could potentially put you in harm’s way. Make sure to ask about any possible side effects or hazards associated with your procedure so you can assess the risks involved.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery can help to answer any general questions you may have and may even better prepare you for your initial meeting with your doctor. With the proper research and preparation, your plastic surgery can be a major success!