Monthly Archives: February 2015

CDM Regulations – what next?

A major  overhaul of the CDM regulations is anticipated in  2014, but it is unlikely that it will come into force before April 2015, says health and safety compliance expert Altius Vendor Assessment. 

The HSE are planning to hold a three month industry consultation period in 2014, with the following changes expected to be included.

  • – Removal of the CDM Co-ordinator role and bringing the functions into the designer’s remit through a Principal Designer.
  • – Removal of the Approved Code of Practice (L144) and replacing it with a suite of guidance notes.
  • – Removal of the explicit compliance requirements — currently in Appendix 4 of the ACoP.
  • – Removal of the domestic client exemption: a default position would be created whereby duties that would fall onto a domestic client would instead fall to the designer or contractor.

The changes are aimed at simplifying the supporting guidance to make the CDM Regulations easier to understand and easier to comply with.  The intention is to improve standards of worker protection, while improving accessibility for small sites.

The Altius CDM Comply online assessment, priced at £110 for all sizes of company, provides contractors, principal contractors, designers and CDM Coordinators with a CDM 2007 Core Criteria Stage 1 assessment that is SSIP approved.